Breakthrough Writer’s block: Introducing Our Weekly Writing Prompts

Breakthrough Writer’s block: Introducing Our Weekly Writing Prompts

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November is halfway over and although I am no longer participating in NaNoWriMo, I am still working on my 2 WIPs when I can squeeze in the time. I don’t know about you, but I have been experiencing some serious writer’s block lately and have been struggling to get past it. One of my favorite things to use in times like this, are writing prompts and I’ve decided to start a whole series on the blog, dedicated to weekly writing prompts.

As a newbie writer, I’ve often found myself staring at a blank page, intimated and almost terrified of even starting. It seriously feels like staring into a vast abyss, sometimes. But I’m sure even the most seasoned writers have found themselves staring at a blank page, their minds as empty as the untouched paper (or screen) before them. And that is where to writing prompts come in!

For me, writing prompts have been insanely helpful. Even the most basic of prompts helped me overcome the anxiety of not knowing what to write, and have helped me get something on the page, which eventually led to paragraphs written, and creative juices flowing.

What to expect

Each week I’ll come through with 2 writing prompts to help spark some inspiration and for you to use however your heart desires. From swoon-worthy romance, to magical fantasies, and spine-tingling thrillers, and a bit of everything else in between, the prompts are designed to fuel your creativity and help get the writing juices flowing.

This Week’s Writing Prompts

Now, let’s hop right in! In honor of me finally starting Iron Flame, here are this week’s prompts:

1. While fleeing the King’s Guard, a young woman, stumbles into a dark cavern and finds herself face to face with an abandoned and agitated, dragon hatchling.

2. A royal assassin is given a job to eliminate the heir to the Dragon Shifter’s Throne, but ends up falling in love.

Feel free to drop your first sentence or two in the comments below!

Looking for more writing inspo, advice, or motivation? Be sure to keep an eye on the Indie Author section of the website, where all things writing will be posted!

What are your favorite ways to overcome writer’s block?

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