ARC Review – Living Legend by Allie Shante & Release Blitz

ARC Review – Living Legend by Allie Shante & Release Blitz

Living Legend by Allie Shante

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC copy of Living Legend from Grey’s Promotions, in exchange for an honest review.

Heaven’s Gate has a demon problem, and the higher ups call in their favorite sentry to discreetly solve their issue while also bringing in a soul seething demon and her violence obsessed, fellow demon, to assist. Living Legend is full of action, banter, spotlight stealing side characters, and slow burn spice, that leaves you wanting more.

Angels and demons on the same team? What could go wrong?

Dani is the definition of a strong and confident female main character and I absolutely loved her. She is completely and unapologetically herself and will not change that for anyone. Not even the handsome angel that has caught her eye and her body’s attention. But the tension, banter, and side character dynamics absolutely made this story for me. Elise & Reese definitely need their own book. Elise is a psychotic demon, that doesn’t do “friends” and is absolutely my favorite character behind Dani.

Nick is the dark-haired, sentry favorite of the executive angels, and Reese is his mouthy, flirtatious, and extremely loyal, best friend. They unwillingly team up with demons, Dani and Elise, to discover who is letting demons into Heaven’s Gate, and discreetly stop it.

The world building gives you just enough details without overwhelming you with facts like some fantasy books can easily do. The story was action packed, with plot twists at every turn. I had suspects on my list and almost every time I thought I knew who was behind it all, I was wrong. The spice was definitely slow burn and full of tension, as any slow burn book should be, but it was also short lived. I found myself wanting more spicy scenes as the story unfolded throughout the second half.

The overall pacing of the story felt slow in the beginning, but once I hit the 50-60% point in the book, it took off, and I couldn’t put it down.

I wouldn’t say the story ended on a huge cliffhanger, but that epilogue absolutely has me anxious for Book 2. I can’t wait to see where Dani and Nicks journey goes, and hope we get some POVs from Elise and Reese in the sequel.

Check out Living Legend, by Allie Shante, if you’re looking for
✔️ A strong, confident FMC
✔️Enemies to lovers
✔️Slow-burn romance
✔️Forced proximity
✔️Dual POV
✔️Angels, Demons, and magic

4/ 5 ☆’s

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Living Legend by Allie Shante is now live!

She’s been called from her place in the darkness to aid the side of good in the last place she wants to be…

Dani, groomed by Lilith herself, has long been spreading horror in the murk of purgatory. She never asked to be summoned to Heaven’s Gate and never expected to be charged with the stubbornly attractive angel Nicholas as her partner. Though, with a face like his to look at, Dani isn’t about to complain. The lines between good and evil are shifting. Dani discovers that, lurking in her familiar darkness, are secrets she would never have guessed at and doesn’t understand. Now she must ask herself, who is a demon supposed to trust?

He’ll have to join forces with the last entity he expected… but sometimes true loyalty lies in the most unexpected places.

Nicholas is a sentry angel yet to see actual combat, so it comes as a surprise when he’s summoned by the highest angelic executive. The bigger shock is being forced to rally together with an alluring demon he can’t get out of his head. But as allegiances are tested, Nicholas discovers a lot is hiding between the boundaries of good and evil. Side by side, Nicholas and Dani must fight the unknown… in whatever form it takes.

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Meet Allie Shante

Allie Shante was born and raised in Georgia and graduated from Georgia State University with a biology degree. While science was fun, books have always been apart of her heart and writing right up there with it. When she’s not reading and writing confident females and stubborn men, she enjoys being an over protective dog mom and crushing escape rooms with her husband. 
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