ARC Review – The Throne of Broken Gods by Amber Nicole

ARC Review – The Throne of Broken Gods by Amber Nicole

The Throne of Broken Gods by Amber Nicole

***I received an advance review copy of The Throne of Broken Gods from Rose & Star Publishing and the author, Amber Nicole, but am leaving this review voluntarily***

Disclaimer – This is an adult fantasy romance. Triggers include loss of a loved one, grief, profanity, sex, death/murder/gore. Please make sure to be mindful of your triggers.


“Then, Samkiel, you will know this is how the world ends.” But it was not this world. No, it was mine. It was Dianna.

The world quakes in fear as the last shred of Dianna’s humanity is ripped from her. As it should. Grief consumes Dianna, burning away any semblance of good within her and threatening the budding relationship between her and Liam. Now, Liam must pull her back from the brink of complete damnation before time runs out.

My Review

First off, thank you so much to Rose & Star Publishing and Amber Nicole for an eARC of this chaotic masterpiece.

If you thought The Book of Azrael was an emotional roller coaster, then prepare yourself for The Throne of Broken Gods.

After the heartbreaking cliffhanger in Book 1, Dianna is on a bloodthirsty rampage, seeking to destroy any and everyone who played a part in what happened to her sister Gabby. Her emotions were all over the place, and she truly started to become the monster everyone believed her to be. But I absolutely loved Dianna as the villain. Through everything, Samkiel never once gave up on her, even though she was constantly pushing him away, attempting to unalive him, and destroying everything in her path while seeking her revenge.

Side Characters for the Win!

I fell in love with the side characters through their POVs. And watching Dianna work through her grief, feelings of betrayal, and moments of vulnerability, while trying to develop relationships with members of The Hand and figure out her feelings for Samkiel really brought out all of the feels, and left me wanting to climb into the book and take away her pain.

Although both book 2 was LONG, (I’m talking 700 pages long), Amber thoroughly immerses you into the story and the characters’ world, making it incredibly difficult to put the book down and adult.

Prepare Yourself

Book 2 picked my heart up off of the ground after book 1s cliffy and proceeded to shred it to pieces before slowly putting it back together again. And right when things started falling back into place and my heart felt somewhat whole again, plot turns hit, leaving me with more heartache, another cliff hanger and so many questions. So grab your tissue box, and prepare yourself for another emotional ride.

What To Expect

  • ✔️Survivor guilt/grief
  • ✔️Multi-POV
  • ✔️Long awaited spice
  • ✔️Tension & Banter
  • ✔️Found Family


The Throne of Broken Gods comes out on May 23rd, 2023! So be sure to catch up on The Book of Azrael if you need a refresher on the heartbreak from last year. Follow Amber Nicole on Instagram to stay updated on all things Gods & Monsters, and be sure to check out Rose & Star Publishing on Instagram, TikTok, and their official website.

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