a stunning Cover Reveal – “Amid Twisted Chaos” by H.E. Bauman

a stunning Cover Reveal – “Amid Twisted Chaos” by H.E. Bauman

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It’s cover reveal time for one of my favorite fantasy series of the year! H.E. Bauman’s 3rd novel in the Under Darkened Skies series, is titled “Amid Twisted Chaos” and the cover by @Miblart on Instagram is absolutely gorgeous! If you’re a fan of fantasy novels with elemental magic, realistic FMCs, cinnamon roll soldiers, and slow burn romance, this series is an absolute must-read!

Earlier this year, I spilled all my thoughts on the first book in the series (check it out here), and today, I’m beyond excited to share the cover reveal for the third installment.

Check out the blurb to Amid Twisted Chaos

An enemy’s foe makes a dangerous friend…

With the Paragon’s target on their backs, Astrea and Varojin find themselves temporarily exiled from Talmaris for the safety of its people. Not content to wait until trouble finds them again, Astrea convinces Varojin and their guards to trek with her through the Novarian mountains in search of answers that will avert destruction.

Arriving at an abandoned Paragon site, the group finally gets a lead on the question that’s stumped them for months: what does Emperor Aelius want with the meteorite he found in the Badlands, and what does it have to do with void magic?

But upon returning to Talmaris with news of their discovery, Astrea and her friends receive an ultimatum from the Emperor. If they refuse to halt their investigation, they’ll suffer the consequences. So, with few choices and fewer allies, Astrea’s only option is take the conniving Victor Nazarov up on his nefarious offer of support.

But thwarting the Emperor’s evil intentions means breaking into the Helosian Empire and stealing an elusive artifact. And Nazarov’s help will cost Astrea dearly…

And Now for the Amid Twisted Chaos Cover reveal!

Amid Twisted Chaos Cover by H.E. Bauman on a tablet, with a purple fabric background

I told you it was gorgeous! The entire series looks so good together and I can’t wait to get my hands on the physical copy of Amid Twisted Chaos to add to my collection.

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Need to catch up on the series before Book 3 releases in February? Grab Your Copy of The UDS Series below

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Release details

Amid Twisted Chaos is set to hit the shelves on February 19, 2024. Pre-orders are now available, so secure your copy to dive into the next chapter of this incredible series.

And for the Kindle Unlimited enthusiasts (like me!), don’t worry! All books in the Under Darkened Skies series are available on Kindle Unlimited, making it even easier to get caught up quickly on everything Astrea and the gang have been up to.

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