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Review Requests & Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in me reviewing your book! I’m currently fully booked through September 2023 for reviews. If your novel pub date is coming in the next 30 days, and you are ok with a review not coming until until late September or later, please feel free to reach out after reading my review policy below. 

For any novels being released after September, please contact me through the form below.

If you are in need of a Beta reader for fictional manuscripts only, please message me.


General Inquiries

I believe in community over competition, and collaborating is my jam, so if there’s anything you’d love to see, or think we’d be a great fit to work together, please drop me a line!

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Review Policy

Preferred Genres

While I am open to reading a variety of genres, please keep in mind that the majority of my reads are New Adult or Adult, and fall into the Fantasy, Dark Romance, Mafia Romance, Contemporary Romance, or Greek Mythology retelling categories. I very rarely read Young Adult novels.


If I accept your review request, please understand that I can’t guarantee that it will be posted on the blog immediately after reading. My list of books to read and review is ever growing, and sometimes not all books leave me with enough thoughts or comments to warrant a full blog post. (Books may be included in a round up post even if a blog review is not posted)

ARC reviews will be posted no later than 3 days after your publishing date, but my goal will always be to have them posted on the actual release date.

Review & Ratings

Life is too short to read books you don’t enjoy. Since sometimes stories take a little longer for the plot to unfold, I aim to read 50-60% of a book before I decide to DNF it.

I will still post a review on GoodReads and/or StoryGraph. I also may or may not list it as a DNF on my Goodreads, and/or blog. But please keep in mind, I will never bad mouth an author or their book, (seriously there is way too much of that going on already) I will however offer my own thoughts and opinions in a respectful way. If you’re not comfortable with a potentially negative (3 stars or less) review being written, then I may not be the reviewer for you (and that’s ok too!)

For ARCS – I know how crucial those initial reviews are for new books and indie authors the first 1-2 weeks after release. If, as I’m reading your novel, I find myself not connecting with it or simply not enjoying it, I will wait to leave a review until after the first few weeks.

If I decide to feature your blog in a blog post on Ink to Novel, I will be sure to link your author website and any social media links that you provide me, so that readers can find you! I will also pin the blog post on Pinterest, as well as include links to your book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (If applicable).

If you’ve made it this far, and would like me to review your novel, please fill out the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Can’t wait to connect with you! 

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