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We’re back with another cover reveal and I hope you’re excited as I am! Remember when I chatted with Fay Bec last year and we chatted all about her debut novel, Hidden Beneath the Embers? Well, the second book in The Dark Curse Series is on its way, and it’s called “Seeking Beyond the Flames”! If you loved the first book, get hyped because this one’s going to take you on another wild ride through a world of magic, darkness, and a whole lot of romance.

Prepare Yourselves!

Remember Davyna, the fiery protagonist who set the throne on fire? Well, it seems like her story is far from over. In this sequel, she’s back in action, dealing with the consequences of her past actions and fighting to save her realm from impending chaos. But with everything she’s already gone through, I doubt it’s going to be easy! Check out my Hidden Beneath the Embers review.

Check out the blurb to Seeking Beyond the Flames

“Freedom comes at a cost, and Davyna was willing to pay. 

After burning the throne, she felt like her game of hide-and-seek was finally over, and she could move on. But after a strange encounter, she rushes back to Valyner and realizes that this game is far from over. Now, she must face the consequences of her actions that threaten her realm’s very existence. 

In a race against time, she must confront her inner demons to save her people, and seek the answers she needs to stop the impending war. 

Loss will be her friend.

Betrayal will be her follower. 

And love will be her fight.

But will her light triumph over the darkness inside? Or will she lose herself and accept that she was destined for Hell all along?”

And Now for the Cover reveal!

Cover Reveal of "Seeking Beyond The Flames" by Fay Bec

It looks so good! I loved the original Hidden Beneath the Embers cover, and the 2.0 Rerelease cover was gorgeous! But the Seeking Beyond the Flames cover, by Quirky Circe, is my favorite in the series so far!

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to follow Fay on all of her socials and website to stay up to date on all things Seeking!

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Seeking Beyond The Flames Cover Reveal Pin
Seeking Beyond The Flames Cover Reveal Pin